How to Motivate Yourself during This Adversity (COVID-19): 10 steps

Keeping oneself motivated in a situation like this, where the whole world has got shaken with a viral disease that has changed the lives of millions of people in just a matter of a few months. Nobody has faced something more dreadful than this at least within the past few decades. People are having tough times handling themselves including their families, friends and colleagues to fight with depression every day as the situation is getting worse day by day.

People are staying at home and are getting tired of the same lifestyle every single day. Hanging out outside including restaurants and others’ houses is no more being entertained rather being discouraged. Schools and colleges are closed. Many are going to the office taking life risks of getting affected with the novel Coronavirus and many are working from home, which is not as easy as it seems.

People who have themselves or their families affected with the virus are struggling to get back to their normal lives again, which will take time.
It is wiser to be more alert by maintaining all the rules and regulations that will save you from catching the virus, rather than being panicked. It is necessary that you avoid any kind of stress or stress-related activities. You have to think more positively and try not to worry about anything you cannot change. Keeping yourself cool and acting more intelligently is more highly required.

Listing out a few interesting activities and carrying them out on a daily basis might be of great help, which are as follows:

  1. Attending online courses, training and webinars
  2. Brushing up skills that were left unattended before
  3. Doing things that interest you the most
  4. Online chatting, calling and video calling friends and families
  5. Doing online work
  6. Reading books, watching movies, playing games
  7. Watching news channels just to stay updated on what’s going on rather than spending the whole time watching news and getting panicked
  8. Praying regularly with the belief that everything is going to be alright very soon
  9. Doing exercises and keeping yourself healthy and fit
  10. Taking good care of yourself and other family members

Our PSAB (Professional Speakers Association- Bangladesh) has been very recently arranging different kinds of online webinars on different kinds of topics that might help you stay motivated during this adversity of COVID-19. To join in with us, please contact us and stay updated.

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