Presentr – is a First AI based Public Speaking Coach

Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of technology initiatives in 2019, and a booming industry with an estimated 14400 job openings in the United States alone. We see new initiatives and advances daily. Tech giants including Google, IBM and Adobe have been featuring in the headlines for their big and bold AI initiatives. However, startups are making waves in AI as well. Startup Presentr has created an AI public speaking coach, which is perfect for improving communication — an important aspect of everyday life.

For many, public speaking is terrifying. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, a presentation at work, for school, or for pitch training for investment meetings, this AI-driven coach aims to help improve your presentation skills.

So, what makes a good presentation?

Good presentation is impactful and centered around how your audience can relate. Making your content personal and humanized, where your audience can identify with either yourself, a challenge, or an experience is the foundation of a truly great presentation. However, content is just one aspect of a presentation. Even the best content, with poor delivery, doesn’t resonate with anyone. This is where Presentr comes into play. To quote their team – “It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It.”

Personalized coaching based on your needs when you need it

In the fast-paced world of the modern professional, work days move at light-speed. On-the-go solutions are rapidly becoming necessities. While Presentr’s pioneering on-demand and mobile coach doesn’t fully resolve the intense nature of professionalism at the highest level, it is a modern solution that can make public speaking less stressful and take the edge out of conferences and presentations.

Presentr gives real-time feedback focusing on volume and pace. It also monitors and gives feedback on your use of filler words, making sure you stay in the app’s “Sweet Zone”. To ensure easy accessibility, it syncs across all devices, allowing you to practice those good presentations, job interviews or pitch training on-the-go.

Presentr also helps you track your progress, records presentations, and gives detailed analytics, customized feedback, and prompts on what to say. Not only do individual employees benefit from these advanced analytics, but they also are a cost effect solution for organizations that require team training and development, and in some cases can replace the duties of executive pitch coaches (although pitch coaches surely still give valuable insight).

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