Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB) Partnering Asia’s largest online Convention

Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB) team in ADAPT International Convention 2020

By Fariha Rahman, Content Creation Lead.

Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB) (a team of experienced professionals) has been an extremely proud partner in Adapt International Convention 2020 (Asia’s largest online tech conference). PSB has very prosperously organized 22 talented international speakers from 7 different countries worldwide who are real-life heroes with tremendous knowledge in successfully implementing enterpreneurship, technology, digitization and many more. PSB has contentedly contributed to empower and charge tech-savy, creative people’s mind so that they can bravely attempt in doing something new and big.

The ADAPT International Convention 2020 aimed to empower the next generation of Global entrepreneurs by accelerating the adoption of technology and digital transformation through acquiring knowledge and the tools required to create and cultivate positive change and to construct a bright future all over the world. We at PSB can help you get a platform in such an event where you can get the chance to empower others by speaking about your knowledge in areas of your expertise to contribute in creating a bright future for any generation of people. We can help you get platforms to speak both locally and globally. Adapt also aimed to supercharge the world towards a new era of technological innovation. PSB helps you recognize your areas of talent and focus on ways you can help supercharge others to move forward in any kind of innovation.

Adapt was determined that together we can design the tomorrow we deserve. Anyone who loves to speak with such determination can contact us so that we can help them get big opportunities to design a world they have always wished to live in. Become a member at PSB now.

Hurry up! Our membership is now open. Please contact us at +8801751793154 or email : [email protected]

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