Upcoming Event

N K A Mobin FCA, FCS

Topic: Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh - A brief overview

Sheena Walker BA

Sheena Walker BA

Topic: Creating A Great New World For Entrepreneurs

Chander Sharma

Chander Sharma

Topic: The Resilient Mindset

Jannatul Fardous Popy

Jannatul Fardous Popy

Topic: Women to Develop their Self-worth

psb Sabirul Islam

Sabirul Islam

Topic: The entrepreneurial mindset - a journey of self-discovery

psb Harish Mehta

Harish Mehta

Topic: Youtube DiSRUPPt coach Harish Mehta

psb Dr. Nobel Khandaker

Dr. Nobel Khandaker

Topic: Lessons learned -from Fortune 100 & to Startups

Brenda Tan

Brenda Tan

Topic: Power of Unconscious Motivation

psb Barrister Omar H. Khan

Barrister Omar H. Khan

Topic: Entrepreneurship

psb Tanzina F Khan Muniya

Tanzina F Khan Muniya

Topic: In Bangladesh how to become Fashion Entrepreneur



Topic: EdTech Entrepreneurship

Sanjida Tanny

Sanjida Tanny

Topic: Self Development

psb Mohammed Isfarul Hoque

Mohammed Isfarul Hoque

Topic: Self excellence through feedback

psb Sabrin Farooqui

Sabrin Farooqui

Topic: Self Development Rules

image: psb Audrey Paterson

Audrey Paterson

Topic: What is entrepreneurship?

psb- Subramanian Narayan

Subramanian Narayan

Topic: Building Trust

image: psb-Sabreen Siraz

Sabreen Siraz

Topic: Trust yourself to Rediscover?

image: psb-Hemi Hossain

Hemi Hossain

Topic: Fire Your Boss- Transform your life as a Digital entrepreneur

image: psb-Toni Miranda

Toni Miranda


image: psb-Md. Daudul Islam

Md. Daudul Islam

Topic: Why Podcasting is Matters To Public speaking?

image: psb Munsia Naureen Ahmed

Munsia Ahmed

Topic: Self-Developing during the Pandemic

image: psb-Nashid Ali

Nashid Ali

Topic: How to Survive in a competitive market as an Entrepreneur?

image: psb-Bavani Periasamy

Bavani Periasamy

Topic: Presence on LinkedIn for business

image: psb-Ayesha J Bibha

Ayesha J Bibha

Topic: Adapt with Change in Mind

Professional Speakers Bangladesh (PSB) is partnering Adapt International Convention 2020 - Asia's largest online tech conference.
22 PSB Speakers from 7 Countries in 4 Continents are speaking at this event.


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